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Mary Jones Ceramics

As a ceramic artist I am inspired by the study of human emotions and how they are interpreted through facial expressions. I have conversations with people who are happy to share their life stories or childhood memories with me, revealing a wide variety of emotions. My intention is to find different ways of conveying these emotions through my ceramic practice, consequently giving each piece an individual 'Presence'.

This is achieved by painting and printing coloured porcelain slips, oxides and glazes onto the clay form, then embedding shards of crockery into the surface to add yet another layer of life to each piece.

As I explore and develop exciting relationships between colour, texture, drawing and form, I endeavour to capture the essence of who we are, revealing our internal worlds.

While striving to capture other people's emotions in my work, I discover the creating process becomes an integral part of who I am, consequently the work the absorbs some of my own emotions and reminiscences.

The faces I make appear solid and grounded, motionless and still, seemingly arrested in time yet occupied and full of life.


I work in my studio based in the Swansea valley and run ceramic, portrait work shops for adults and children.

Graduate residency, Fireworks Clay Studios 2013 - 2014.

Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University...BA (First Class Honours) in Ceramics. 2010-2013.

Work experience...Elke Sada's studio, Germany. 2012.

Work experience...15 Days in Clay, Dorset...(helping people with learning difficulties to become artists

in their own right). 2012.

Tutor...pottery class for children. Cardiff. 2009-2010.

Tutor...arts and crafts (for people with learning difficulties). Buckinghamshire. 2002-2009.


Highly Commended. Y Galeri Caerphilly Open Art 2016 Competition.

Highly Commended. Y Galeri Caerphilly Open Art 2015 Competition.

Craft in the Bay Summer show 2014. 'People's Favourite'

Welsh Assembly Government Minister of Heritage Award. 2013.

Potclays...Art in Clay, Student Award. 2013.